​​​Conveying best practices and procedures tailored to user needs and specific supply chain models.​

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The packaging we design, test, and implement will be effective enhancers of our customers' brand.

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Successful Outcomes

The upstart startup

Bowman Engineered Packaging (Bowpak) is a woman-owned, minority-owned packaging brokerage company contributing creativity and functionality to packaging solutions for industries including automotive, electronics, e-commerce and manufacturing. We're the upstart startup, filling a market need for service-intensive, fast turn design and execution across various geographical stakeholders including international contract manufacturers. Specific areas of endeavor include crate and corrugated design, tooled foam applications, Point-of-Sale displays, test and build, and project-managing high-skilled onsite packaging crews.

At Bowpak, we're inspired daily by two words that when used together change the world:  "Carefully engineered."    It's a commitment to function and beauty at an effective price through well-thought-out, built to last solutions used throughout the life cycle of the product being packaged.
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Experience that looks ahead.

Over 30 years of packaging expertise and design development knowledge.



Wisdom acquired from over 30 years in engineered packaging through a winning formula of intense customer focus, smart design and execution excellence.​